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Avacha Bay

The secluded ice-free lagoon of the Avacha Bay near the southeastern edge of Kamchatka is capable of taking any sea-going vessel even in the wildness of the severe northern winter. The violent disposition of the Pacific Ocean rarely reaches the coast, where the residential quarters of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Vilyuchinsk stretch. The area of the water […]

Dzhugdzhursky reserve

State natural Dzhugdzhursky reserve is located in the Khabarovsk territory, Ayano-Maysky district, on the coast of the sea of Okhotsk. The reserve was established in 1990, 10 September. Its total area is 859 956 ha. Within the conservation area there are two climatic regions. Thus the boundary between them is the range Dzhugdzhur. According to […]

State Nature Reserve Khankaisky

State Nature Reserve Khankaisky located in southwest Primorsk region. Its total area – 39,289 hectares, which includes the coastline and waters of Lake Khanka. The reserve was established in 1990, on 28 December. On conservation area dominated monsoon type of climate. Overall, it was formed under the influence of monsoon and local circulation processes. In […]

State Nature Reserve Koryak

State Natural Reserve is located in the Koryak northern Kamchatka. Its total area is 327,156 hectares. The reserve was established in 1995. Protected area is within four climatic regions (north-east coast, Rekininsk lowland, lowland Penzhinskaya, Koryak Highlands), and northern climatic subregions. On Parapolsky site significantly influence the Bering and Okhotsk seas. The local climate – […]