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Found in Tuva, the monument may indicate the belonging to a people, who at one time became the origin of the Turkic ethnic group

The object, as noted by the archaeologists who discovered it, is an array of tombs of the representatives of the Xiongnu — nomadic people, came to the territory of modern Tuva from the North of China. “Perhaps we are dealing with people who at one time became the origin of the Turkic ethnic group. Immigrants […]

Katunsky biosphere reserve

Katunsky Biosphere Reserve is located in the highlands of Central Altai. Its total area – 151,664 ha. The reserve was established in 1991, June 25th. Katunsky biosphere reserve and the Altai nature reserve in 1998 were included in the list of world cultural and natural heritage “Golden mountains”. On conservation area has a continental climate, […]

Republic of Tuva: the unknown Russia

Tuva is located in the heart of Asia, and almost isolated from the world. Due to this, the edge of the Scythian burial mounds, Chinese palaces, shamans and strange customs managed to maintain its unique identity. The Center Of Asia. Republic of Tyva – one of the most picturesque places in Russia. It presents a […]

Nature reserve “Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina”

State Nature Reserve Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina is located in southern Siberia, in the territory of the Republic of Tyva. It was organized in 1993, on 24 January. The total area of the reserve is 323,198 hectares. On conservation area is dominated by the transition of the East Siberian to the Central Asian climate. It is characterized […]

Khakassia State Reserve

Khakassia State Reserve is located in Southern Siberia. The main goal of its activities ─ research and conservation of natural phenomena and processes, genetic fund of flora and fauna, as well as their individual species. Khakassky Reserve was formally organized by the Government of the Russian Federation in 1999. In this case, were merged pre-existing […]

Historical and Ethnographic Museum “Shushenskoe”

Historical and Ethnographic Museum “Shushenskoe” – a unique complex situated in the open air with a total area of 16 hectares. The memorial part of the exhibition consists of 29 houses, 23 of which are genuine and dated XIX century. On estates and homes recreated living conditions Siberians showing local arts and crafts, covers the […]

Chany lake

Area: 1400-2000 km2 Maximum depth: 7 m. The Chany lake – closed salt lake in Russia, located in Barabinsk lowland on the territory of the Novosibirsk region, the largest lake in Western Siberia. The lake is located on the territory of five districts of the Novosibirsk region: Sivinskogo, Barabinsk, Janovskeho, Kopynskoho and Chistoozernoe. It got […]