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What cities of Russia will host the world Cup 2018

Football – the most popular and massive game sport in the world, the interest of fans to which sometimes simply staggering. According to statistics, almost 3 billion inhabitants of the planet are involved in football to some extent, and the mundial (from the Copa Mundial de Fútbol – World Cup) has long been a major […]

Underground feeding of rivers in the Mescha river basin

Small rivers have an important natural and economic importance, so their study is relevant. The purpose of the article is to study underground nutrition in the basin of the river. Mesh. The object of study is the pool itself, and the subject is the underground feeding of the rivers in this basin. The history of […]

Nature reserve Belogorye

State nature reserve with the lyrical name of “Belogorie” was created in 1999 and consists of five separate parcels, so-called clusters that are located in Borisov, Gubkinsky and Novy Oskol district of the Belgorod region.The total area of the protected area is 2131 hectares. Created on the basis of the reserve “forest on the Vorskla”, […]

Natural state reserve Kologrivski forest

Natural State Reserve Kologrivski forest located in the Kostroma region. Its total area is 58 939.6 hectares. The reserve was established in 2006 on 21 January. On conservation area dominated temperate continental climate with an average annual temperature of + 1,5 ° C. The flora of the reserve Kologrivski forest has about 322 species of […]

Mordovia State Nature Reserve

Mordovia State Natural Reserve is located in the territory of the Republic of Mordovia, in Temnikovsky District. Reserve with a total area of 32 148 hectares, was organized March 5, 1936. On reserved territory dominated forest steppe type of climate. On average, the thermometer rises to 4 ° C with a “plus”. The lowest temperatures […]

State nature reserve “Pinezhsky”

State Reserve “Pinezhsky» ─ is a specially protected natural area in the Arkhangelsk region of federal significance. Pinezhsky Reserve was founded in 1974 with the aim of maintaining and preserving the taiga ecosystem, the study of rare karst formations, unique plants and animals. The total area of ​​the reserve ─ 51,5 thousand. Hectares. The climate […]

Natural Museum-reserve Polenovo

Natural Museum-Reserve “Polenovo” located in the Tula region, in the lands of the former estate Borok, which belonged to the V.D. Polenov – the great Russian painter. It houses one of the most comprehensive collections of paintings by the artist, which outnumber collection of his paintings in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the […]

Moscow Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno

Moscow Tsaritsyno Estate Museum is located in the southern part of the capital and is a specially protected areas. This is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places in Moscow, which includes a huge landscaped park, scenic Tsaritsyno ponds and magnificent palace and park ensemble. It is the largest museum-reserve in Moscow, with an […]