Natural state reserve Kologrivski forest

Natural state reserve Kologrivski forest

Natural State Reserve Kologrivski forest located in the Kostroma region. Its total area is 58 939.6 hectares. The reserve was established in 2006 on 21 January.
On conservation area dominated temperate continental climate with an average annual temperature of + 1,5 ° C.

The flora of the reserve Kologrivski forest has about 322 species of vascular plants. In general, the flora typical of the Kostroma region. The reserve is located in a vast area of the border between the fauna of deciduous, mixed and boreal forests of the taiga. Sleek flat terrain with little height difference and the relatively small steep slopes of interfluves favorable for burrowing animals.

In the reserve there are small forest river and there are no large lakes and rivers, which causes a significant density of animals whose lives are directly related to water bodies – is, first of all, otter, mink, beaver.

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Fauna is represented by 1 species of cyclostomes, 20 species of fish, 5 – amphibians, 172 – birds, 5 – reptiles, 60 – mammals. In local waters is found ordinary pike, grayling European perch plain, ordinary roach, common bream. In the woods you can see the snake and viper – these types are represented reptiles.

The richness and diversity of species differs avifauna Kologrivski reserve forest. So, here are the following types of live birds: the woodpecker (small mottled, white-backed, gray-haired), a common siskin, chickadee, owl, oatmeal, hawk, owl, cuckoo deaf, green warbler, nutcracker, redpoll, nuthatch pika vulgaris, crossbill-elovik, black woodpecker, goldfinch, crows, pygmy owl, eagle owl.

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Typical representatives of mammals – wolverine, hamster, muskrat, fox, wolf, brown bear, moose, squirrel, hare, Daubenton’s bat, Common noctule, long-eared bat, Whiskered bat, Pond bat, elk, wild boar, and others.

Contact information:
Address: 157440, Russia, Kostroma Oblast, Kologriv st. Central, Building 1A

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