European plain

  • Kostroma


    Kostroma is located in 352 km North-East from Moscow, Kostroma lowland, on both banks of the Volga river and the old mouth of the river Kostroma.

  • Information about the city Zvenigorod

    Information about the city...

    Zvenigorod is located in the Moscow region in 50 km to the West of Moscow.

  • Yakhroma


    Yakhroma is 46 km North of Moscow. The city is situated on the slopes of the Klin-Dmitrov ridge, is a perfect place from the point of view of ecology.

  • Valday

    Information about the city of...

    The city of Valdai is located 120 km South-East of Veliky Novgorod on the Bank of the Valdai lake in the highest part of the Valdai hills.

  • Volga River

    Volga River

    The Volga is the largest river in the European part of Russia and the largest river of Europe.


  • The East European Plain

    The East European Plain - land...

    The East European Plain one of the largest plains on our planet. It settles down in east part of Europe.


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