Lake Pyasino

Lake Pyasino

Area: 735 km2
Maximum depth: 10 meters

Lake Pyasino – lake of glacial origin in Russia, in the South-West North-Siberian lowland in the Krasnoyarsk territory, approximately 20 km from Norilsk. Freezes at the beginning of October, opened from ice in late June – early July.

Physical features.

Flows from the lake only the Pyasina river, the main tributary, R. Norilsk, the latter can be considered upstream of the Pyasina river, which is in the North of modern lake podprugin range end moraines. Norilsk at the confluence of the lake forms a river Delta, part of which is also a river Barn. Other tributaries of the lake are not significant.

Bank of Pacino mostly flat, swampy places. The lake gathers the waters of large lakes Lama, Chum salmon and Deep in the mountains of the reserve. The lake is rich with fish, it meets brown trout 2 types and special types of Chir, called maccuhal.

Pasino is a lake, which is of glacier origin. It is situated in the southwestern part of the lowlands of the North-Siberian on the territory of Krasnoyarsk territory, approximately 20 kilometers from Norilsk in Russia.

Freezes the water reservoir at the beginning of October, and opened the ice at the end of June or in early July. From Pacino one follows the Pyasina river. Main tributary is the river of Norilsk, which is considered the upper reaches of the Pyasina river. This river in the Northern part of modern lake significantly podprugin moraine ridge end. The river at the confluence of the Norilsk in this lake forms the Delta of the river, part of which is the river Barn. Other tributaries of lake Pyasino are insignificant.

Bank of Pacino largely flat, in some places, swampy. The lake includes the waters of large rivers such as Salmon, Lama and Deep.

As already noted, Pyasino lake is located in the Northern part of Eastern Siberia. This pond occupies the bottom of the ancient glacial valley, which is partitioned in the Northern part of the shaft of moraines. The length of Pasino is 70 kilometers with a maximum width of 15 km. The total water area of 735 square kilometers with a catchment area of 24,000 square kilometers.

As noted, in this lake into numerous small rivers. The main tributaries of the pond is a small river Nerilka, pike, Samoyed and a Barn. Pacino are considered to be small reservoirs.

Basically the shores of lake flat, in some places they are swamped, but at the same time, with uenoi, and the Eastern side of the pond is surrounded by small hills covered with forests.

The power of Pacino rain and snow. Annual changes in the level of the surface can reach six and a half meters. In the lake Pyasino is full of fish. However, as already noted, in 20 kilometers from lake is located the town of Norilsk, which has a negative impact on the ecological purity of the water body.

Lake Pyasino is very attractive. It attracts a huge number of fishermen excellent facilities and delicious fish. however, however, to reach the lake is not so easy. This is the mystery of this reservoir. In the summer, access to the lake it is quite problematic to any transport. In winter time all the way hides a solid layer of snow. And what can you do? Any vehicle, getting to a huge lake Pyasino, will struggle to overcome the swampy approaches and are not always able to cross numerous unpredictable, in some places even dangerous, rivers and streams. Crossing of them are known only to a few.

If to speak about crossing the lake, it can be compared with exciting and unpredictable adventure. Lucky – unknown. The wire on this reservoir compared with many kind of lottery, where the rate may be a whole life. Smooth surface of the lake Pyasino very deceptive. In a matter of seconds water can turn into a nightmare for inexperienced sudogoda. Storms on Pacino has long been considered the parables of the town and killed a large number of ships and people. Among other things, the waterway to the lake is only possible for only several weeks. However, however, the scenery of lake Pyasino attract and are attracted by its beauty and unpredictability. Many nature of this area attracts everyone. For this reason many people want to see and to enjoy a truly wonderful and unique species, which cannot be seen anywhere. And for the fishermen, this lake is the gold, for the reason that there are a variety of fish species and abundant.

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