What people live in Russia? How many people live in Russia?

What people live in Russia?

The territory of Russia is large and diverse. At its vastness beautiful in its multifaceted nature and magnificent buildings, the creation of Russian civilization. In addition, the site of the largest countries in the world have sheltered dozens of different peoples. This is – the greatest wealth of incredible hospitality of the state.

We know that in Russia live many nationalities – Russians, Udmurt, Ukrainians. And some people live in Russia yet? Indeed, in the far corners of the country for centuries lived numerically small and little known, but interesting with its unique ethnic culture.

National composition of the population of Russia.

It is worth noting that the Russian account for approximately 80% of the total population. Full list of peoples of Russia would be very large. According to some estimates, there are more than 200 different nationalities. These data correspond to the state in 2010. We begin our acquaintance with the rest of the national structure of Russia with the most common. Large popular are those that are present on the territory of the state in the amount of more than 1 million.


The ratio of the Tatar nation among all others in the country is 3.8%. This nationality has its own language and areas of high prevalence. Above all, it includes several ethnic groups: the Crimean Tatars, Volga-Urals, Siberia and Astrakhan. Most of them live in the Volga region.

Tatar people


We extend our small tour on the theme of what people live in Russia, and move on to the Ukrainians. Their number in Russia is 2% of the total population. According to the materials of some historical references, the name of the nation derives from the word “margin”(okraina), which was the basis for the name of the country – Ukraine.

Living on the territory of the Russian Ukrainians continue to honor its traditions, noting the holidays in their customs, wearing national costumes. Feature Ukrainian clothes – embroidery in various schemes. Basic symbolic colors in decoration – red and black.

The Ukrainian people


The ratio of ethnic Bashkirs to the entire population of the country – 1.2%. Territory, where most of these people – Altai, Tyumen and other areas of Russia (Orenburg, Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, and other). Ethnologists still not agreed where the name of nationality and what it means. The most common interpretation – “main wolf”, “separate people”, “brother-in-law Ugrians.” Together, the different assumptions about 40. Culture is significant Bashkirs their songs, tales, ditties.

Bashkir nation


Then talk about Chuvashia, answering the question of what the peoples living in Russia. Chuvash nation is 1.1% of the population of Russia. Most Chuvash live in Tatarstan, Samara, and many other areas of the country, the Krasnoyarsk Krai. And today their main occupation – crafts, animal husbandry and agriculture. Culture Chuvash amazingly beautiful and interesting. They have their own ancient mythology developed. National clothes is extremely diverse, has many dozens of different color options.

The Chuvash people

The Chechens.

Chechens in Russia about 0.9% of the total population. This is one of the most severe nationalities in the country. However, they differ wit, they are inherent courage and endurance. Feature Chechen songs – deep, with nothing commensurate longing for his own home. In their poetry and songs of many motives exile. Such poetry in any other folklore not meet. You may notice the similarity with the Circassian ethnic Chechen and Lezgian. There is a simple explanation: all three nationalities are united caucasian. And we continue to uncover interesting questions about what people live in Russia.


In the population of Russia Armenians comprise 0.8%. Their culture is very ancient. Its roots can be traced to the Greek culture. A special flavor of this nation creates their irrepressible joie de vivre and hospitality.

Armenian music appeared BC. And today we know a lot of the world’s singers with Armenian roots. Among them, the French singer Charles Aznavour, David Tukhmanov, Dzhivad Gasparyan and many others. Clothing Armenians different luxury pretentiousness. A children’s costumes simply irresistible, which was not observed for the other nations. We now know what peoples inhabiting Russia, but that’s not all. In the far corners of the vast country still live people who are not so many in number, but their culture is so diverse and interesting that we simply can not remember them.

Small Nations.

The people, the number of which exceeds 1 million Russians know quite a lot. But there is also a small peoples of Russia, about which you can not even hear my entire life. Thus, in the Volga-Vyatka region many centuries these peoples live as Mari, Mordvinians. North area – home for Karelia, Komi, Sami, Nenets. In the Urals live Komi-Permian, Udmurtia. In the Volga region long settled Kazakhs and Kalmyks. Western Siberia – a homeland for Selkups, Altai, Mansi, Khanty, Shor, Eastern Siberia – the birthplace of Tuva, Buryatia, Khakassia, Dolgan and Evenki. In the Far East live such peoples as the Yakuts, Koryak, Evens, Udege, Nanai, Orochi, and many other nations, the number of which is very small. The peculiarity of the small nations that they have kept to this day revere their ancient pagan beliefs. They are characterized by adherence to animism (animate objects of nature and animals) and shamanism (belief in shamans – people talking with spirits).

Small Nations

How many people live in Russia?

In 2002 was conducted pan-European census. The collected data also included information about the ethnic composition of the population. Was then obtained interesting information about what the peoples living in Russia, and about their numbers.

the Northern Nations

Indicators census in Russia demonstrated that the country is home to 160 different nationalities. This figure is huge in comparison with European countries. On average, they live in the people belonging to 9,5 nationalities. Globally, Russian figures are also high. Interestingly, in 1989, when the census was conducted similarly to Russia, has compiled a list of 129 nations. The reason for this difference in performance, according to experts, the possibility of self-determination themselves as belonging to a particular nationality. Such an opportunity came in 1926. Previously different peoples of Russia, declared to the Russians, based on geopolitical factors.

Dynamics in the ratio of nationalities.

According to experts on demographic research issues in recent years, the number of Ukrainians in Russia decreased threefold. Belarusians also become much less as Mordovians. Increased the number of Armenians, Chechens, Azeris, Tajiks. Some of them even were among those which more than a million in Russia.

the Northern Nations - 2

The dynamics in the ratio nationalities are considered affected by several factors. One of them – the fertility decline which affected the whole country. Another – this emigration. From Russia left a large number of Jews. Russian Germans also emigrated from the country. Positive dynamics is observed in the small indigenous peoples. They, on the contrary, over the past decade has increased. Thus, we see that the question of what nations inhabit Russia, always relevant for the study because of its dynamics.

A live somewhere only Russian?

We learned that in Russia there are a lot of different nationalities, besides Russian. Many who have discovered how many people live in Russia, may be wondering whether the area in which they live only Russian. The answer is clear: the region with a completely uniform composition of the Russian population does not exist. Approaching this only Central District, The Central Black Soil District, Northwest District. All other areas of the country are full of different nationalities.


In the article we looked at what people live on the territory of Russia, and learned how they are called and where are more prevalent. We have once again seen as a rich country is not only natural resources but also human, and it is many times more important.

In addition, we found that the national composition of the population of Russia is not something static. He changed over the years under the influence of various factors (migration, the possibility of self-determination and others).

small indigenous peoples

I hope that article was interesting for you: have helped to make the mental journey across the expanses of Russia and introduced so different, but so friendly and interesting people.

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