Yakhroma is 46 km North of Moscow. The city is situated on the slopes of the Klin-Dmitrov ridge, is a perfect place from the point of view of ecology. Relief and clean air, were the main factors for the formation of several sports and entertainment parks.

In the Park “Yakhroma” difference of heights of 60 m, here there are 9 ski slopes, cross-country ski runs, 4 rope tows and ski-lift for children, ski school. All routes are well lit for night skiing. For snowboarders is open snowboard Park and half pipe. Vacationers can accommodate in a hotel or cottages.

On the slopes of the Klin-Dmitrov ridge recently opened Park “Volen”. Elevation within the Park – 70 meters you can Ride on the 13 tracks, the longest of which is 450 meters, and a snowboard Park. The pistes having a rest deliver 7 lifts. In addition to skiing and snowboarding here you can spend your time at the rink, the Luge track and on 3 tracks for tubing (a sloping, hilly and with bends). In “Volen” tourists are offered a hotel complex with 59 rooms, 12 Russian houses, 4 Russian house with a sauna and 9 Finnish houses. Here you can relax both in winter and in summer. Active rest lovers will particularly appreciate crazy “Toboggan” – rail track with turns and twists, like a roller coaster, which move special trolleys, разгоняющиеся’s own weight riders. In addition, there is a Bicycle rollers, bicycles, prepared Bicycle trails, Playground for mini-Golf, go-karting, tennis courts, open air swimming pool with area of 360 sq.m. with heated water, possibility for a paintball, horse riding.

Very popular in Northern part of Moscow region Park “Sorochany”. Slopes are equipped with artificial snow formation, so that you can ride when wet or snowy winters. Elevation within the resort – 90 m, open 11 trails with a total length of over 5 km, the longest ski run is 859 m, 5 chairlifts and 1 lift for liners.

In each of these parks is widely represented ski and snowboard equipment in full size range, including for the smallest skiers (3-4 years). For children and adolescents provides a protective helmet. In rentals also have storage for clothes.

Sports Park Volen.

Volen sports Park, the ski resort of high class, corresponding to the standards of the international tourism, which is located in the town of Yakhroma, Moscow region. Park there are 8 years, during its existence it has earned the reputation of a popular destination for winter and summer holidays. The resort has a hotel complex of the European level. Guests can stay in comfortable rooms in the main building or in Russian houses and Finnish cottages.
Resort has 13 slopes maximum length of up to 450 meters, which are 7 lifts and 4 lifts training courses. The resort features a ski school for beginners, equipment rental, you can use the services of instructors. There is a toboggan run and a snowboard zone. 


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