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  • Russian names: what are their analogues in English

    Russian names: what are their...

    You probably noticed that many English names are very similar to the Russian ones. Did this happen by chance, or is it all about cultural borrowing?

  • Now to get FAN-ID

    How to get to Russia at the 2018...

    Visa-free entry, free trains around the country and the opportunity to see the best teams of the world and 11 cities of Russia - foreign fans have heard about such opportunities. But several friends from abroad wrote to us at once, who do not understand how this will all work: "Now to get FAN-ID?" Como obtener FAN-ID Comment obtenir FAN-ID? (How to get a fan's passport?) "

  • The coldest place in Russia

    The coldest place in Russia

    The Russian Federation is the largest state in the world. Its expanses stretched more than 17 million km². This is not the only record. Here is the deepest lake Baikal and the lowest temperature is observed.

  • Republic of Tuva: the unknown Russia

    Republic of Tuva: the unknown...

    Tuva is located in the heart of Asia, and almost isolated from the world. Due to this, the edge of the Scythian burial mounds, Chinese palaces, shamans and strange customs managed to maintain its unique identity.

  • 5 secrets of the Romanov dynasty

    5 secrets of the Romanov dynasty

    The origin of the dynasty, the story of the emblem and the circumstances of their accession to the throne all this still causes ambiguous interpretations of historians.

  • Why Russians are called "Russians"

    Why Russians are called "...

    Only one nation in the Russian language is called an adjective. And this ... Russian. Why it happened and where do come from this word? We will investigate.

  • Scots in the service of Russia

    Scots in the service of Russia

    Scots in Russian history played key roles at times, served in the Russian army and reform it.

  • Most secret cities of the USSR

    Most secret cities of the USSR

    These cities was not on the maps. Their inhabitants gave the sign non-disclosure agreements. Here were testing with virus Ebola and the birthplace of the atomic bomb.

  • Riddles of the coats of arms of Russian cities

    Riddles of the coats of arms of...

    That Neptune makes on the arms of the Great Ustyug? Like a Peacock was the emblem of Serpukhov? "Russia is a riddle wrapped or wrapped in a mystery, inside an Enigma. When you look at Russian arms, you know that Churchill was right.

  • How Napoleon and Paul 1 wanted to conquer India

    How Napoleon and Paul 1 wanted...

    "Hindustan is ours" and "Russian soldiers washing their boots in the Indian Ocean" - it could become a reality in the distant 1801, when Paul I, together with Napoleon attempted the conquest of India.

  • Secrets of the Russian alphabet

    Secrets of the Russian alphabet

    What is encrypted in the "message to the Slavs"? How the Russian State was worth the letter "b"?

  • 7 names of Russia

    7 names of Russia

    "Russia" - the name is relatively new. Before that territory was recorded in historical annals and plotted on maps under other names.

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