• Russian names: what are their analogues in English

    Russian names: what are their...

    You probably noticed that many English names are very similar to the Russian ones. Did this happen by chance, or is it all about cultural borrowing?

  • Now to get FAN-ID

    How to get to Russia at the 2018...

    Visa-free entry, free trains around the country and the opportunity to see the best teams of the world and 11 cities of Russia - foreign fans have heard about such opportunities. But several friends from abroad wrote to us at once, who do not understand how this will all work: "Now to get FAN-ID?" Como obtener FAN-ID Comment obtenir FAN-ID? (How to get a fan's passport?) "

  • 5 secrets of the Romanov dynasty

    5 secrets of the Romanov dynasty

    The origin of the dynasty, the story of the emblem and the circumstances of their accession to the throne all this still causes ambiguous interpretations of historians.

  • Why Russians are called "Russians"

    Why Russians are called "...

    Only one nation in the Russian language is called an adjective. And this ... Russian. Why it happened and where do come from this word? We will investigate.

  • What people live in Russia?

    What people live in Russia? How...

    In Russia live dozens of different Nations. This is the greatest wealth of wonderful state.

  • Ivan Susanin: riddles and answers

    Ivan Susanin: riddles and answers

    Ivan Susanin - a folk hero, a symbol of "peasant" loyalty to the king. For 400 years, the name and the legend of the miraculous salvation of the first sovereign of the Romanov dynasty became a part of folklore.

  • How Catherine II wanted to revive the Byzantine Empire

    How Catherine II wanted to...

    Catherine II was so sure that it will revive the Byzantine Empire that even a grandson named Constantine, and was preparing to give him power. Annexation of the Crimea was part of this ambitious project.

  • How Napoleon and Paul 1 wanted to conquer India

    How Napoleon and Paul 1 wanted...

    "Hindustan is ours" and "Russian soldiers washing their boots in the Indian Ocean" - it could become a reality in the distant 1801, when Paul I, together with Napoleon attempted the conquest of India.

  • Mysteries of the library of Ivan the Terrible

    Mysteries of the library of Ivan...

    Several centuries enthusiasts and adventurers unsuccessfully search the library of Ivan the Terrible. Serious scientists impress - search meaningless. But hope still remains.

  • The Secret Of Omar Khayyam

    The Secret Of Omar Khayyam

    Omar Khayyam is known to everyone. Everything heard or read his poems. However, if he owns most of them, debatable. But we can say unequivocally that he was the greatest scientist of his time, and his glory is wider popularity of the poet for postcards.

  • Life of Ivan the Terrible in the Alexander settlement

    Life of Ivan the Terrible in the...

    December 3, 1564 Ivan the Terrible had left Moscow and moved to the Alexander suburb. Nearly two decades of capital, cultural and political center of the state was the suburban residence of the king.

  • Indigenous peoples of Karelia: the Karelians

    Indigenous peoples of Karelia:...

    The Karelians are the indigenous people of Karelia, who lived on these lands for hundreds of years.

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