• Lake Ulahan-Ary-Kuele

    Lake Ulahan-Ary-Kuele

    The unique lake Ulahan-Kuel is one of the most protected natural areas of Yakutia, it has the status of republican significance. It is located in the northeastern part of the Žigansky ulus. The total area is 11046 ha.

  • Lake Manych-Gudilo

    Lake Manych-Gudilo

    The largest lake in the Rostov region is Manych-Gudilo - relic, tectonic, the so-called lake-saucer. The lake of more than 150 km in length, and up to 10-15 km

  • Rybinsk reservoir

    Rybinsk reservoir

    Rybinsk reservoir is a large reservoir on the Volga river and its tributaries Sheksna and Mologa. Located mainly in the Yaroslavl region.

  • Zeya reservoir

    Zeya reservoir

    Zeya reservoir - dam on the Zeya River in the Amur region of Russia.

  • Bratsk reservoir

    Bratsk reservoir

    Bratsk reservoir - a reservoir in the Irkutsk region of Russia, founded on the river Angara in the result of construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station.

  • Onega lake

    Onega lake

    Onega lake is a lake in the North-West of the European part of the Russian Federation located on the territory of Karelia.

  • Chany lake

    Chany lake

    The Chany lake - closed salt lake in Russia, located in Barabinsk lowland on the territory of the Novosibirsk region, the largest lake in Western Siberia.

  • Lake Khanka

    Lake Khanka

    Lake Khanka is located on the border of the Primorsky region of Russia and the Heilongjiang province of China.

  • Lake Taimyr

    Lake Taimyr

    Lake Taimyr on the Taimyr Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk Krai. The second largest after lake Baikal in the Asian part of Russia.

  • Lake Pyasino

    Lake Pyasino

    Lake Pyasino - lake of glacial origin in Russia, in the South-West North-Siberian lowland in the Krasnoyarsk territory, approximately 20 km from Norilsk.

  • lake Ilmen

    Lake Ilmen

    Lake Ilmen - lake in the Western part of the Novgorod region. Belongs to the basin of the Baltic sea Atlantic ocean.

  • Lake Baikal

    Lake Baikal

    Lake Baikal - lake of tectonic origin in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, the deepest lake on the planet, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water.


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