Deering-Yuryakh – Parking of the ancient Paleolithic.

In 1982, 140 kilometers up from Yakutsk on the right bank of the Lena, geologists prepared for the arrival of guests of the next International Congress of INQUA, a demonstration of the deposits of the most ancient Lena terrace, Tabaginsk, in one of the pits, a human skull was discovered. Arrived at the site of […]

How to get to Russia at the 2018 World Cup: Step-by-step instruction

Visa-free entry, free trains around the country and the opportunity to see the best teams of the world and 11 cities of Russia – foreign fans have heard about such opportunities. But several friends from abroad wrote to us at once, who do not understand how this will all work: “Now to get FAN-ID?” Como […]

Avacha Bay

The secluded ice-free lagoon of the Avacha Bay near the southeastern edge of Kamchatka is capable of taking any sea-going vessel even in the wildness of the severe northern winter. The violent disposition of the Pacific Ocean rarely reaches the coast, where the residential quarters of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Vilyuchinsk stretch. The area of the water […]

Reserves of the North Caucasus

This is a general article describing the nature of the nature reserves, such as vegetation, soil types, flora and fauna. The location on the map is also shown. Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve link Subject of the Russian Federation: Krasnodar Region Karachay-Cherkess Republic of Adygea. republic Date of creation: May 12, 1924. International status: UNESCO […]

Caucasian state nature biosphere reserve

Caucasian state nature biosphere reserve is located on the southern and Northern slopes of the Western Caucasus. This protected area was declared on may 12, 1924, but the experience of preserving the unique nature of these places has its roots to the Grand “Kuban hunting”, organized in 1888. Caucasian biosphere reserve is the second largest […]

Nature reserve Belogorye

State nature reserve with the lyrical name of “Belogorie” was created in 1999 and consists of five separate parcels, so-called clusters that are located in Borisov, Gubkinsky and Novy Oskol district of the Belgorod region.The total area of the protected area is 2131 hectares. Created on the basis of the reserve “forest on the Vorskla”, […]