Mineralnye Vody Information about the city

Kavminvody lie on the Northern slopes of the greater Caucasus mountain chain, within which is the highest point of Europe – mount Elbrus (5642 m). Resort area can be divided into two zones: the Northern, which includes the city of Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk, and South, where the city of Kislovodsk. Resort region Caucasian Mineral […]

State natural reserve “Tunguska”

Great contribution to the study of the Tunguska earth at the present stage makes the scientific staff of the State natural reserve “Tunguska”, organized on 9 October 1995. The reserve is the conservation, research and eco-educational institution. Reserve is situated near the village of Vanavara, in the taiga of the Podkamennaya Tunguska river in the […]

Western Siberia in Russia

Western Siberia is a territory extending 2,500 kilometers from the Arctic ocean to the dry steppes of Kazakhstan and 1,500 kilometers from the mountains of the Urals to the Yenisey river. About 80% of the Western Siberia is located within the West Siberian plain, which consists of two flat bowl-shaped heavily waterlogged depressions separated by […]