Far East overview

Location and administrative staff. At the extreme South-East of Russia, on the shores of the sea of Japan and the river Amur region, traditionally called the far East. It consists of Amur region, Khabarovsk territory and Jewish Autonomous district, the Primorsky Krai. Sakhalin region. Distance, transport, time. For many, the far East seems to be […]

Indigenous peoples of Karelia: Russian

Before the beginning of mass resettlement of Russian peasants in Karelia most part of the territory of the modern Republic was inhabited by Karelians, Veps settled in Zaonezhye, while the Northern and Central regions were inhabited by the Saami. Russian immigrants have founded their settlements in the whole territory of Karelia, but not settled in […]

Indigenous peoples of Karelia: the Karelians

The Karelians are the indigenous people of Karelia, who lived on these lands for hundreds of years. In addition to the common name different ethnic groups Karel preserved their self-designation. So, in the Central and Northern regions of Karelia they call themselves «karyalane», in the Ladoga area – «livvikane», and in the Onega country – […]

Climate Zaonezhye

Climate Zaonezhye is very different from the weather regimes in the neighbouring areas of Karelia. The climate Zaonezhye Peninsula and the Northern districts of lake Onega developed due to the unique geographical situation of this area and aggregate properties of the territory. On long-term weather regime affects the relief of the region, its swamps, forest […]