Ural Mountains

  • The pillars of weathering Man'-Pupu-Ner

    The pillars of weathering Man...

    As soon as this beautiful and mysterious place of the Northern Urals is not called: Man-Pupu-Ner, Man-Puppy-Ner, Bolvano-Iz, Mansi dolts ... Tourists usually call them briefly - "Pups". In the translation from the Mansi language, "Man-Pupu-Ner" means "A small mountain of idols". All these remains are seven. Six pillars lined up on a flat plateau in a row, and one stands slightly apart. Their height is from 30 to 42 meters. All of them have a bizarre outline.

  • Ilmen reserve

    Ilmen reserve: animals and plants

    The richest "mineral box" of the world. This territory is rightly called the ecological heritage of the country, the reserve is on the list of the five most significant tourist places in Russia. He was honored for the fact that in a rather small area of the complex, over two hundred varieties of minerals, many of which are rare enough, have been collected.

  • Birch river

    Birch river

    The Birch river flows in Perm Krai, it is a left tributary of the river Kolva. The source of the river is located on the slope of Berezovsky stone. From source to mouth the river flows entirely on the territory of the Cherdyn district. The length of the river is not very big – is 208 kilometers.

  • State Reserve Little Sosva

    State Reserve Little Sosva

    State Reserve Little Sosva located on the territory of Berezovsky and the Soviet region of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

  • Kungur ice cave

    Kungur ice cave

    Pearl of nature, a true national treasure is Kungur ice cave - the seventh in the world for the length of gypsum caves, perhaps the first beauty.

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    The Ural mountains - General...

    The Ural mountains - a range between the East European and Western-Siberian plains.

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