• lake Ilmen

    Lake Ilmen

    Lake Ilmen - lake in the Western part of the Novgorod region. Belongs to the basin of the Baltic sea... read more

  • Lake Baikal

    Lake Baikal

    Lake Baikal - lake of tectonic origin in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, the deepest lake on... read more

  • Lake Ladoga

    Ladoga lake

    The Ladoga lake is the largest freshwater lake in Europe. The lake area without the Islands 17,6 thousand km2

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  • White lake

    White lake

    White lake is a lake in the West of Vologda region. Between 1964 and is part of the Sheksna reservoir.

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  • Ural River

    Ural River

    The Ural river is a river in Eastern Europe, flows through the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan, flows into the Caspian sea.... read more

  • Northern Dvina River

    Northern Dvina River

    Northern Dvina river is the major river of the North zone of the European Russia and the White sea basin.

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  • Pechora river

    The River Pechora

    The Pechora river in the Republic of Komi and the Nenets Autonomous district of the Russian Federations river is 1809 km.

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  • Kolyma river

    The River Kolyma

    Length: 2 129 km
    The area of the basin: 643 000 km2
    Kolyma - river in Yakutia and the Magadan region of Russia.

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  • The Irtysh river is the longest river-inflow in the world

    Irtysh River

    The Irtysh river is a river in Siberia and Kazakhstan, the main tributary of the Ob.

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  • Indigirka river

    Indigirka river

    The River Of Indigirka:
    Length: 62 km
    The basin area: 360 000 km2
    ... read more

  • Angara.

    The River Angara

    Angara - river in Eastern Siberia, the largest right tributary of the Yenisei river, the only river... read more

  • The River Aldan

    The River Aldan

    The River Aldan:
    Length: 89 km
    The area of the basin: 729 000 km2

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