West Siberian plain

  • Angara.

    The River Angara

    Angara - river in Eastern Siberia, the largest right tributary of the Yenisei river, the only river flowing out of lake Baikal.

  • Yenisei River

    Yenisei River

    Yenisei - one of the largest rivers of the globe. Length of the Yenisei river near the 5075 km. basin area equal 2580 thousand km2 river occupies the 2nd place among the rivers of Russia (after the Ob).

  • image - river Ob

    The great Siberian river Ob

    Ob river is one of the largest rivers of not only Russia, but all over the world. It flows from the South to the North of Western Siberia.

  • image

    Western Siberia in Russia

    Western Siberia is a territory extending 2,500 kilometers from the Arctic ocean to the steppes of Kazakhstan and 1,500 kilometers from the Ural to the Yenisey.


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