State Reserve Little Sosva

State Reserve Little Sosva

State Reserve Little Sosva located on the territory of Berezovsky and the Soviet region of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The total area of the reserve, organized in February 1976 was 160 thousand hectares.

On conservation area has a continental climate. In January, the thermometer drops to 20.5 C with a "minus" sign. The average July temperature is 17.4 C. The frost-free period lasts an average of 90 days, the vegetation - 140. Every year on the lands of the reserve falls about 500 mm of precipitation, most of which is in the summer.

The reserve is characterized flat terrain. Little Sosva is dismembered and most sublime province, adjacent to the Urals. It is worth noting here that meets as low accumulative and elevated denudation plains.

The flora of the reserve Little Sosva.

The flora of the reserve Little Sosva different species richness and diversity. So, here are more than 410 species of vascular plants, 180 - Lichen 150 - bryophyte, 54 - slime mold, 255 - Afilloforoidnye fungi.
On protected lands spread pine (forest and plain), which forms the pine forests of various types of sphagnum to lichen. Nearly continuous cover of lichens and lingonberry have pine shrub-lichen: tsetrary, Cladonia, kladin and others.

nature reserve in winter

In the reserve you can see the relic plants, which are the representatives of the forest-tundra-steppe and forest communities: cotoneaster Aronia, dendrantema, Veronica spicata, Oxytropis Urals, Pulsatilla, dendrantema Zavadsky.

Sufficiently developed understory shrubs in pine-Hylocomium. He formed blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, Ledum palustre, rose echinated, alder bushes and some grass species. Often on the conservation area there are swampy pine forests, land cover which consists of moss, bog shrubs and herbs - rosemary, Cassandra, dwarf birch, cotton grass, sedges, blueberry.
Near rivers green moss grow coniferous forests, as well as their derivatives mixed forests and birch. In these forests there are bushes, currant and black bristly, rose echinated, common juniper, Siberian knyazhik, bird cherry, honeysuckle Pallas, European mountain ash.

River in the reserve Little Sosva

Aquatic plants are presented Potbelly, Sparganium, water lilies, Bolotnik, pondweed, hornworts submerged, floating and other. Among the rare and protected species include the following: Lobar pulmonary, rogatik Pistillate, fomitopsis officinalis, dendrantema Zavadsky Ganoderma shiny, Pulsatilla, sarkosoma spherical, Oxytropis Ivdelsky tuknerariya Laurer, eremogona rock, cotoneaster Aronia, peony, Dactylorhiza traunsteineri, Epipogium leafless.

The fauna of the reserve Little Sosva.

The fauna of the reserve Little Sosva has 40 species of mammals, 212 - birds, 16 - fish, 2 - amphibians, 1 - reptiles. Protected land lies near the northern border of the bank vole, birch mice, martens, column, Pond bat, bobcats, and birds such as tree creeper, nightjar, starling, Wryneck, gray duck, robin, siskin, grosbeak, magpie, jay, gray woodpecker, black swift, pygmy owl, kestrel, honey buzzard, falcon. At the same time in the reserve is home to several species of vertebrates, typical of northern taiga and tundra - Bean Goose, Little bunting, ptarmigan, caribou, wolverine.

squirrel in the reserve

In local waters are found the following species of fish: grayling, minnow, burbot, minnow, ide, roach, dace, ruffe, perch, silver carp and pike.

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