Mount Iremel

The Ural mountains are recognized as the oldest on the planet Earth. Iremel seems to consist of two parts. They are called Big and Small Iremel. A connecting saddle runs between them. The width of this armhole is approximately 1000-1200 meters. The height of the big Iremel is 1,583 meters, and the Small Iremel is 1,449 meters, which is significantly less than mount Kazbek, whose height exceeds 5,000 meters.

Researchers and historians still do not know what the mountain was actually called in ancient times. Translated from the local language, the name means "sacred mountain". Many also call it the "rider's saddle". Until recently, it was strictly forbidden for ordinary tourists to climb to the top. Local residents still believe that those who manage to reach the peak, can safely make a wish and wait for its fulfillment in the near future.

The mountain is considered the second highest after Yamantau among the Ural peaks. Those who reach the highest point can enjoy an amazing view of the mountainous terrain, valleys, rivers. The top is connected to two prisons with stony vertical exits: the stallion and the Bruise.

At the foot of the mountain there are beautiful spruce, deciduous trees. As the mountain gains height, the forest area is significantly thinning. Approaching the mark of a thousand meters, you can admire the unique spruce forest, which according to scientists is considered one of the oldest plants. These spruce trees survived the ice age and still exist today.

Then you can see dwarf plants, a large number of lichens. The approach to the top is indicated by the Golts deserts. More than five dozen species of local vegetation are listed in the Red book. Special mystery and mystery give the pyramids of stone of various sizes. By whom they were built and for what purpose, no one knows.

Where is mount Iremel located.

Mount Iremel is located on the border of the Chelyabinsk region and Beloretsky district of the Bashkir Republic. On the one hand, the highest mountain of the Urals – Yamantau-adjoins the mountain, on the other hand – Nurgush, Avalyak. The nearest locality is Tyulyuk.

    Distance from Chelyabinsk – 181 km;
    Distance from Ufa – 184 km;
    Distance from Katav-Ivanovsk-41 km;
    The closest is a settlement of rural type – Tyuluk. It is located almost 10 kilometers from the foot of the mountain.

Mount Iremel on the map:

Coordinates of mount Iremel on the map:


How to get to mount Iremel

There are several ways to get to the mountain pearl of the Urals. Whichever option you choose, you will have to initially get to the capital of Bashkortostan.

The most comfortable way to get to the capital is by plane. Then you can get to Ufa or Chelyabinsk. It will be faster if you choose the path through Ufa. The road to Ufa will take about two hours, and another four hours will take the train ride to the station Vyazovaya. A train ticket will cost tourists about 850 rubles. From this place, you will need to take a taxi, or take a minibus to Tyulyuk.

Contact a travel company with a request to be included in the tour group. The cost of a bus ride with a guide is 3500-4000 rubles. This price includes meals, a trip lasting three days, an insurance policy, guide services, and accommodation at a tourist site.

When is it best to visit mount Iremel

Due to the climatic features of this region, it is recommended to visit the Ural attraction from late spring to late summer. Even during this period, there is a risk of getting caught in a storm or storm. In some places, even in summer, the snow does not completely melt.

In winter, it can be especially dangerous, as well as on mount Elbrus. Snowstorms, drifts and Gale-force winds knock you down. There is a high probability of going astray. In winter, when the weather is bad, there are avalanches. In autumn and spring, fogs and heavy rains are dangerous.


People who are going to conquer this mountain peak should take into account some features. This area is characterized by frequent and very sharp climate change. Clear, Sunny weather is replaced by torrential rain and squally wind. In winter, the frosty sun is replaced by blizzards and snow drifts.

Despite the low altitude, the climb can be difficult. You have to climb to the height on mobile, or" live " stones, which we already know from the ascent to mount Ararat. Such a climb requires good physical training, endurance and caution. There is a high probability of serious injury.

In 2010, the mountain and surrounding area were declared a protected area. Collecting mushrooms, berries, plants, as well as hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited by law. Climb to the top is strictly along the path, without deviating from the planned route.

It is extremely dangerous to climb mount Iremel alone, as well as Belukha. it is better to plan the ascent as part of an excursion group. In bad weather conditions, stop Hiking and wait until the weather is good.

What to see in the surrounding area

The total length of the route is almost fourteen kilometers. Among local residents, there is a belief that if you bathe in mountain streams, you can forget about diseases for a long time. Living water saturates with cheerfulness, gives vitality, relieves fatigue. In addition to swimming in water sources, you can ride horses, ski, and become a member of the ski slope.

Near the village of Bakshay, near the foot of the mountain slope, archaeologists discovered an ancient Observatory and unusual pyramids. A guided tour to this object will attract any tourist. According to archaeologists, the historical site was built more than 5,000 years ago and has a mythical origin.

Of course, a tour of the protected area of the Iremel national Park will impress the imagination with its picturesque views and richness of flora and fauna. Many representatives of the animal world, as well as vegetation samples are listed in the red book and are considered unique.

Mount Iremel attracts with its beauty and centuries-old history. People come here from all over the world. Every year, the Bashkir attraction is visited by more than 20,000 people. Tourists and visitors of the area claim that visiting this place charges with incredible positive and energy for a long time.