Central Siberian plateau

  • Lake Ulahan-Ary-Kuele

    Lake Ulahan-Ary-Kuele

    The unique lake Ulahan-Kuel is one of the most protected natural areas of Yakutia, it has the status of republican significance. It is located in the northeastern part of the Žigansky ulus. The total area is 11046 ha.

  • Olekminsky reserve: description. Flora and fauna

    Olekminsky reserve: description...

    Who decides to recover in Yakutia, must certainly visit the state Olekminsky reserve, founded in 1984. It is located in the foothills of the Stanovoi Range at the junction of the Aldan Plateau, which passes into the Prilenskoe Plateau. The area of the reserve is 847108 hectares. The nearest settlement is 80 km away, so the flora and fauna of the reserve were practically not affected by direct human exposure.

  • Druzhba Museum-Reserve in Sottince

    Druzhba Museum-Reserve in...

    Lensky Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve "Friendship" was founded in 1987. The purpose of its creation was to tell about the history of the formation of Yakutia as part of the Russian Empire and the Russian influence on the Yakut way of life and culture. For this purpose, monuments of ancient times and wooden architectural structures were reconstructed on the territory of the museum-reserve, the oldest of which date back to the 17th century.

  • Deering-Yuryakh - Parking of the ancient Paleolithic.

    Deering-Yuryakh - Parking of the...

    In 1982, 140 kilometers up from Yakutsk on the right bank of the Lena, geologists prepared for the arrival of guests of the next International Congress of INQUA, a demonstration of the deposits of the most ancient Lena terrace, Tabaginsk, in one of the pits, a human skull was discovered.

  • Lena Pillars

    Lena Pillars

    The Lena Pillars are a forty-kilometer-long series of sheer cliffs that stretch along the right bank of the Lena River. Two hundred kilometers downstream is the city of Yakutsk, about a hundred kilometers - the city of Pokrovsk. The length of the rocks is more than forty kilometers. Today it is a natural reserve of Yakutia - cliffs in height from 40 to 100 meters each year become more beautiful and mysterious due to local climatic conditions.

  • Natural state reserve Olekminsk

    Natural state reserve Olekminsk

    Natural State Olekminsk Reserve located in the south of the middle reaches of the Lena River on the right bank tributary Olekma at the interface Prilenskoye plateau and the Aldan plateau in Yakutia.

  • Kolyma river

    The River Kolyma

    Length: 2 129 km
    The area of the basin: 643 000 km2
    Kolyma - river in Yakutia and the Magadan region of Russia.

  • Indigirka river

    Indigirka river

    The River Of Indigirka:
    Length: 62 km
    The basin area: 360 000 km2

    The river of Indigirka located in Yakutia.

  • Tunguska

    State natural reserve "...

    The total area of the reserve 296490 hectares. However, the territory of the reserve is unique, because it stores prints mysterious "Tunguska event".

  • The Siberian river Lena

    The Siberian river Lena

    The Siberian river Lena is great and mighty. From sources on the western slope of Baikal mountains to ice cold Laptev sea its long way - 4270 km.

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