Caucasus mountains

  • Secrets of the Sary-Tala natural...

    In early January, an expedition to study the complex of caves located in the area of the Sary-Tala tract was held in Kabardino-Balkaria. Speleological research of a unique natural object was carried out within the framework of the grant project of the RGO on the creation of an electronic cadastre of caves in Russia and large caves of the near abroad.

  • State Nature Reserve Utrish

    State Nature Reserve Utrish

    State Nature Reserve Utrish located in the Krasnodar region, in north-western Black Sea coast. Its total area - 10008 ha. The reserve was established in 2010, on September 2.

  • Mineralnye Vody

    Mineralnye Vody Information...

    Kavminvody lie on the Northern slopes of the Caucasus mountains.

  • Archeology of caucasus

    Archeology of caucasus

    Caucasus is one of the most interesting regions in the archaeological relation.

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