• Avacha Bay

    Avacha Bay

    The secluded ice-free lagoon of the Avacha Bay near the southeastern edge of Kamchatka is capable of taking any sea-going vessel even in the wildnes... read more

  • Reserves of the North Caucasus

    This is a general article describing the nature of the nature reserves, such as vegetation, soil types, flora and fauna. The location on the map is... read more

  • Argun gorge

    Argun gorge

    The land of ancient watchtowers and incredible untouched nature — all this picturesque Argun gorge. It is here today erected a state of the art ski... read more

  • What to see in the city of Orel

    The city of Orel, which arose at the confluence of two rivers - Oka and Orlik - is similar to many other cities in Russia that grew up on the site o... read more

  • Caucasian state nature biosphere reserve

    Caucasian state nature biosphere reserve

    Caucasian state nature biosphere reserve is located on the southern and Northern slopes of the Western Caucasus. This protected area was declared on... read more

  • Nature reserve Belogorye

    Nature reserve Belogorye

    State nature reserve with the lyrical name of “Belogorie” was created in 1999 and consists of five separate parcels, so-called clusters that are loc... read more

  • Birch river

    Birch river

    The Birch river flows in Perm Krai, it is a left tributary of the river Kolva. The source of the river is located on the slope of Berezovsky stone.... read more

  • Why the loss of the red Army was more than the Nazis

    Why the loss of the red Army was more than the Nazis

    History of the Second world war are so complex and multifaceted that it is often difficult to separate truth from fiction and propaganda from actual... read more

  • Valaam Island

    In the Northern part of lake Ladoga, called in the ancient times nevo, there are numerous Islands, the largest of them being Valaam.
    Light wat... read more

  • Secrets of the Sary-Tala natural boundary

    In early January, an expedition to study the complex of caves located in the area of the Sary-Tala tract was held in Kabardino-Balkaria. Speleologic... read more

  • Found in Tuva, the monument may indicate the belonging...

    An archaeological site discovered by scientists from the Institute of history of material culture Russian Academy of Sciences during the expedition... read more

  • Siberian Rail: Beijing to Moscow

    Siberian Rail: Beijing to Moscow

    Travel the legendary Trans Siberian Railroad through Russia, Mongolia and China in comfort. See dramatic changes of scenery as you traverse both Eur... read more


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